Wedding Photography Post Production

Today let’s talk a little bit about what is happening behind the scenes. As wedding photographers know, the actual wedding shoot is only a small fraction of their profession. Most of the time you can find us hidden behind a huge screen, and I’m not talking here about watching a new season of Peaky Blinders (btw. the third season is upon us, we can’t wait), but about post-production of your stunning wedding photos.

At White Balance Studio we are all about simplicity and naturalness especially when it comes to editing. When you photograph a wedding, you have everything under control. Cameras and lenses are ready for action, and you’ve memorized the schedule to perfection. You’re ahead of everyone else, but…there’s always a but. Sometimes the wedding controls you; for example, a beautiful moment is taking place, but other people spoil the view. You have to take the picture anyway because there is no chance of asking them to move, and if you try to change perspective, the moment will pass. Also, a device that can stop time hasn’t been invented yet.

So, what happens after you get that picture? We don’t like to interfere in post-production a lot, but there are exceptions. It’s all down to your assessment of the photo; you have to decide if the image will gain or lose value after your interference. Don’t ask the bride’s opinion on that, however, or you will find yourself in a situation where you will be altering every single picture thanks to the bride. In this particular example, we just loved the groom’s smile when he looked at his parents; it was a beautiful exchange of love and acceptance. The only problem were the guests behind the wedding couple, so we decided to give it a lift and create something aesthetically pleasing for the couple and whole family to enjoy.


What’s your opinion on manipulations like that? Do you approve them or not? Please, share with us your views and experiences.

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