The Perfume Studio Experience

Ladies, what would you say to start off your hen party celebrations with an experience of creating your own personalised fragrance? Sounds interesting right. Recently I had a chance to take part in the event like that organised by The Perfume Studio and as it states on their website they “specialise in helping you create a unique fragrance that captures the essence of you and gives you a perfume to wear and cherish.” So, don’t you worry you haven’t done anything like that before and on the other hand what could be better than creating your unique fragrance that you could wear on your wedding day! Another way to make your day memorable and unique.

The Perfume Studio Experience can be enjoyed nationwide at a variety of venues. I went to one of the Flagship Masterclasses held in London. The whole experience lasts for up to 2 hours. At the beginning, a trained perfumer will take you through a brief history of perfumery. Then you will be presented with 18 blends created by the Perfume Studio Master Perfumer, Francois Robert. From base, musky notes to fruity top notes, their fine fragrance blends represent the entire spectrum of human emotion. Trained consultants will offer you the chance to sample each one, explain their properties, and offer you guidance when you come to choose those you wish to include in your own fragrance. Don’t worry you will have enough time to decide which blend you like, they are discussed in such detail. The consultant will even point out the blends that complement each other.

After making your selection it’s time to make your tailor-made fragrance. Last but not least, you need to (this is not compulsory) came up with the name for your fragrance and choose the perfume bottle or atomiser, there are many colours, sizes, and shapes to choose from. After leaving my selection of scents with a consultant, it took maybe 10 min to receive my own designed and hand-blended fragrance in beautiful and handy (it fits perfectly in a small handbag) atomiser all presented in an aesthetic box.

I really enjoyed this experience, the atmosphere was relaxed and I have learned few facts about perfume and most important thing I left with a great new fragrance, which I can re-order at any time on the Perfume Studio website.

The Perfume Studio Experience is ideal for Hen Parties and Weddings or any occasion!! We strongly recommend this fantastic and fresh idea to everyone. For more details and information please visit their website //  The Perfume Studio

If you have any questions please leave a comment, we will be more than happy to help you!

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