Doing Winter Wedding Trends the Right Way

Rain on your wedding day is meant to symbolise good luck for the bride and groom. It seems there is going to be a lot of luck shared throughout the end of 2015 then as more couples than ever before are braving the wet weather to get married during the winter months. With price-conscious young couples realising massive savings can be made by organising their ceremonies between October and March, winter has become an incredibly popular season for tying the knot. Furthermore, winter ceremonies can be a great alternative to the traditional wedding; they often feature distinctive fashion, decor and colour schemes from those you might find at a summer occasion.We have already seen a variety of beautiful trends for winter weddings in 2015 – ones which have allowed couples to make their special day even more memorable, beautiful and exceptional. They range from simple substitutes to common wedding fads to bold ideas that are truly unique. Here are our personal favourite winter wedding trends for couples planning their own seasonal ceremony.

Winter Wedding Gowns

The British designer Alice Temperley is one of the most renowned tastemakers when it comes to wedding dresses. When she says something is going to be in fashion, you can bet you will see it at every great ceremony for the next 12 months. Her collection of distinctive winter wedding dresses for 2015 is bound to set the trend for how brides will look this season. Her gowns are inspired by what Temperley describes as “the romance and decadence of a bygone era”. They are made with regal laces and ribbon work finished with an organza style. It suggests that an old-fashioned glamorousness is going to be all the rage for this winter’s wedding fashion.

Pale Colour Schemes

It is not just the dresses that will pay homage to the classic, conservative weddings of a bygone era though. One other trend we can expect to see at ceremonies this season is the return of the pale colour scheme. It has been going out of style over the last few years with couples instead injecting colour into their occasions with vibrant decor, bright flowers and vivid multicoloured bridesmaid dresses. However, in the spirit of winter, with its connotations of frost and snow, it seems set to make a return towards the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. Simple ivory, lavender, sage and pale pinks are expected to be some of the most popular colour choices.

Extravagant Bouquets

However, there is nothing simple at all about the bouquets and floral arrangements sure to be trendy this winter. Cascading florals – the likes of which were common throughout the 1980s, popularised by Princess Diana’s wedding – have made resurgence towards the end of 2015. These are long, wild bouquets which are gorgeous to behold – even if they are quite literally a handful. Perfectly complementing the glamour and traditionalism of the other winter trends, the bouquets are likely to remain a common sight throughout the season.

Winter Themed Decorations

Winter is, arguably, the most scenic of all the seasons. It is a common trend for winter weddings – and one we can surely expect to continue throughout the remainder of 2015 and into 2016 – to use some of this imagery for your ceremony. Fake snow could dust your reception hall, pine cones could be placed around tables and vases filled with tall white winter branches will complete your centrepiece with a beautifully icy look.

Seasonal Food And Drink

Nothing completes a great winter wedding like an inventive menu of seasonal food and drink, and it is one of the trends we expect to see more of as these weddings become increasingly common. A popular example we have witnessed in the past has been to greet guests with a glass of mulled wine on arrival. However, some couples have taken this to imaginative new extremes, including a hot cocoa bar where attendees can customize their refreshing warm drink and even a Christmassy gingerbread wedding cake. So, get creative – trying out new wintery food and drink ideas is a trend we will see a lot more of this winter.

Planning a winter wedding? Share your thoughts, inspirations and ideas with us or simply let us know if this post was helpful, we would like to know what you think!

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