The Insider’s Guide to 5 Wedding Saving Tips

Every bride dreams of having a perfect wedding, but without breaking a bank. The average British couple spends £21,000 on their wedding day. There are ways to bring this sum down and at the same time make your wedding unique and unforgettable. 1) Off-season wedding: When choosing a wedding date out of the peak wedding […]

5 Most Favourite Wedding Ring Boxes

We women, love beautiful jewelry there’s no doubt about that, probably that’s why Isabel and I enjoy so much photographing brides wedding accessories and naturally wedding rings, but what about wedding ring pillows or boxes? With each photographed wedding last year, we noticed that wedding ring pillows are slowly disappearing from the ceremonies. On the […]

Doing Winter Wedding Trends the Right Way

Rain on your wedding day is meant to symbolise good luck for the bride and groom. It seems there is going to be a lot of luck shared throughout the end of 2015 then as more couples than ever before are braving the wet weather to get married during the winter months. With price-conscious young […]