5 Most Favourite Wedding Ring Boxes

We women, love beautiful jewelry there’s no doubt about that, probably that’s why Isabel and I enjoy so much photographing brides wedding accessories and naturally wedding rings, but what about wedding ring pillows or boxes?

With each photographed wedding last year, we noticed that wedding ring pillows are slowly disappearing from the ceremonies. On the other hand, they will never get out of fashion because you can easily adapt them to any wedding theme, and there are still many couples who prefer them. We have noticed increased interest in boxes; they can be made of wood or glass and filled with moss, grass, sand or anything you want. They look natural, classy and stunning.

We would like to present you a list of 5 great wedding ring boxes under £20, that are worth looking at, and personally, we think they are adorable!

1. Collectivemade / 2. Boxwoodtree / 3. NojaGlassDesign / 4. Laceandtwig /

5. EndGrainWoodShoppe

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