5 Ideas for Getting in Shape for Your Wedding

Everyone wants to look hot on their wedding day, but a perfect wedding dress, makeup and hair are not everything. Many couples are trying to get rid off few pounds here and there to get that beautiful wedding (and honeymoon) body. I love sports and being active; it makes me feel alive, but it’s not so easy and joyful for everyone. Whichever is your case I will share with you few tips that will help you get the results.


Go to your local gym and ask about High-Intensity Interval Training, which is an intense burst of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods and that will allow you to burn up to 50% more calories than during standard exercise. Also, you can ask a personal trainer to optimise your workout HIIT, taking into account your fitness level and injuries. This type of training is the best way to losing weight fast. So, if you do not have much time this type of fitness is your new best friend!


Ladies, there are no calories in the water, but that is not only good news. Water improves the condition of your skin, reduces wrinkles and effectively reduces appetite and you want to know some secret? When I feel hungry (knowing I had not long ago eaten) I’m drinking a 250ml glass of still water and wait 15 minutes and let me tell you, it works. That wasn’t hunger talking; that was my body trying to tell me it’s dehydrated. At the end of a day, the average adult human body is 50-65% water. Go now to your fridge and throw away the soft and fizzy drinks. Water is the key!GlassOfWater


Food is simply fuel to your body; so don’t even think of going on a hunger diet. You are not going to lose weight; you are going to gain a few more pounds, and you can only harm your body. When the body is hungry, rather than burn calories, it accumulates them in the form of fat. Even if you exercise but you don’t eat, your efforts will vanish. I recommit eating 5-6 meals a day in smaller portions. That will help your body to use the calories from food as a fuel rather than accumulate them. Also, it will help you to stick to your diet, because you will be eating more often and you will be lees keen on eating between meals. HealthyFood


Ladies, don’t be afraid to build muscle mass (you aren’t going to look like an Arnold Schwarzenegger I promise!) – this has two advantages. First muscles are better at burning fat even when you’re resting. Secondly, a sculpted body will significantly improve your figure. One rule, two advantages! Faster weight loss and lean, firm body! Time to dust off the weights that are hidden somewhere under your bed or in the garage.


On the Internet, you can find thousands of videos with examples of workouts for couples (I adore them). Working out with a partner can be more beneficial than working out alone (if you prefer it can be even your bridesmaid or anyone really), it’s a great motivation and you can talk about the preparations for the wedding.

Guys, last words of encouragement. Your weight loss and new beautiful body are not going to happen overnight, so you have to be patient, stay strong, and not give up. At the beginning, you will notice a rapid weight loss, which will surely be a great motivation. Then that effect will slow down, but you have to stay on track and remember that this is a normal part of healthy weight loss. (Also, muscles weigh more than fat; so don’t look so petrified on that scale.) We are only humans, so there will be days when you will fall off track, either with the training or the diet. When that happens, please don’t beat yourself up. That is normal, as well; no one is perfect. Just look into the mirror and say with a smile on your face, “Yesterday, I wasn’t at my best form, but today is a new beautiful day, and I’m back on track.” Remember be patient, stay positive, eat healthy and workout regularly, and your goal will be achieved! I believe in you and you should believe in yourself as well.

P.S. I forgot about probably the most important thing. At the end of the day, your fiancé wanted to marry you before your decision to get fitter for your special day, so that’s huge proof that he loves you the way you are!!!


 Hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you have any questions, then please leave a comment in the comments section and we will answer it as soon as possible.


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